Taking out the trash during my photograph

This spider was in the middle of discarding whatever it’s last meal was when I approached it.



Bashful by Roberto_Aloi
Bashful, a photo by Roberto_Aloi on Flickr.

Started my morning at Okeeheelee park where I found an upside down tortoise I initially thought was dead. Flipped her over and tried photographing bees and it was as if I was blamed for the misfortune of the tortoise.

Every flying insect was dive bombing me. I have been sneaking around bees with ninja-like precision for quite some time, but today I had a target on my back.

Not bitten, but something was definitely pissing them off. Maybe it’s my new deodorant? Tired of doing sprints I’m off to mounts botanical garden…

Okeeheelee Skipper

Okeeheelee Skipper

These skippers were abundant at Okeeheelee park and I couldn’t resist shooting them. There are certain insects that I have dozens of photos of and at times will not attempt to photograph. Something told me I was bound to take a shot worth keeping and with some persistence I was able to take this particular photo.

Okee Atala

I have only spotted the Atala (Eumaeus atala) on several occasions. This small and colorful butterfly was thought to have been extinct at one point. The host plant of the atala is the coontie. Coontie is a Seminole word meaning starch or w
hite because the roots of the plant can be made into flour. Commercial factories starting commercially harvesting the coontie plant to make biscuits and virtually eliminated the plant. In 1965 this butterfly was thought to be extinct. Thankfully it’s not and if you are lucky you might spot one.

Leaf Notcher Weevil’s Having a Private Moment

I can’t say that I have witnessed the mating ritual of leaf notchers. I heard hummingbirds in the area and watched them on a nearby plant. Ran, changed lenses, and they never reappeared!

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