Using softbox outside for the first time

Went to Okeeheelee and used a softbox, monolight, and a DC battery.

Ordered a wireless sync that apparently was only meant for AC operation and found myself struggling to use the optical slave on the monolight. I had no idea the optical slave was next to useless in direct sunlight.

I felt like a contortionist trying to cup the slave with me left hand and swivel my canon 580ex flash sideways in the direction of the slave!

Needless to say I ordered another wireless trigger more suitable for DC operation…


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Leaf-footed Bug Nymph

Leaf-footed Bug Nymph, originally uploaded by madcalabrian.

These tiny bugs are a lot of fun to photograph. They get themselves in positions that look like they are posing for the camera. I don’t know if they are just as curious as I am and simply starring back to investigate or if it’s defensive in nature.

Immature True Bugs are called “nymphs” because they experience incomplete metamorphosis. This means that they don’t become pupae: one molt changes a nymph into an adult. However, nymphs go through a lot of very different stages called instars before they become adults. This is where True Bug identification is most challenging.