Bumblebee Closeup

Bumblebee Closeup 2, originally uploaded by madcalabrian.

I have finally taken a bumblebee photo that I am satisfied with. My goal was to photograph them at 1:1 macro level and because of their frequent stops between flowers it has been difficult. It took me over a month of weekly photography trips to get this shot. It’s one of my favorites because of the effort that was put forth.

12.22.09 – Grassy East Sunset 1

Sunrise shots at grassy east with sjim2004. We have taken many sunset shots at this location and on every occasion there have been numerous birds flying into the rookery; making sunset shots even more dramatic. Tonight was unusually still. We were very satisfied with the sky none the less.

Speckled Lynx

Speckled Lynx, originally uploaded by madcalabrian.

Photographed at Grassy Waters East. It’s rare that I use a tripod for my macro shots, but this particular speckled lynx spider was very cooperative and gave me ample time to setup and take numerous shots.

Lynx Spiders are hunting spiders that spend their lives on plants, flowers and shrubs. Nimble runners and jumpers, they rely on their keen eyesight to stalk, chase or ambush prey. Six of their eight eyes are arranged in a hexagon-like pattern, a characteristic that identifies them as members of the family Oxyopidae. They also have spiny legs.