Put your hands where I can see them!

Via Flickr:
This frog didn’t seem bothered by me taking a macro of it’s head…

I was shooting with a friend near a nature center and this frog was content on the glass door of the building. As I am writing this blog post I notice another insect hitching a ride on the Frog’s head! It’s just right of the frog’s ear…

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August 14th Photoshoot

August 14th Photoshoot by Roberto_Aloi
August 14th Photoshoot, a photo by Roberto_Aloi on Flickr.

What does this photograph have to do with a 46 year old?

The lens naturally! This was my first chance using my 28mm 3.5 Super Takumar lens. I had read about them on the internet and they seemed to have a rabid following.

I have always enjoyed the feel of my old Nikon 35MM SLR lenses. This lens proved to be even more substantial.

It’s really true they don’t make lenses like this anymore. Manually focusing was a treat. It’s evident why it’s 45 years old and still working like it was just produced yesterday.

I can only hope my new lenses will last as long, but I will not hold my breath.

I have since acquired other universal M42 lenses and I have more on my bucket list…

Via Flickr:
First time using my recently acquired 28mm Super Takumar.

Sometimes you have to Create your own Light

Untitled by Roberto_Aloi
Untitled, a photo by Roberto_Aloi on Flickr.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not terrible fond of using flash. I have a speedlight, studio strobes, and all the tools necessary, but would rather not rely on them when possible. This particular rainy day had little offer in the way of light. Pair limited outside light to even less light in an abandoned home with no electricity and you have a challenging situation. You always have some choices in low light. Sure you can bump up your iso, but unless you have a full frame or like sacrificing image quality that’s simply not an option for optimal results. You can also keep your shutter open longer, use a tripod (absolute MUST) and in this case why not light some candles. This took numerous tries due to the long exposure time, but eventually we nailed it.

Bamboo in Natural Light

Untitled by Roberto_Aloi
Untitled, a photo by Roberto_Aloi on Flickr.

This particular photo session had it’s challenges and hazards. It was a typically hit or miss rainy day here in south Florida. Tiffany chose her photos to be taken at the house she spent most of her childhood in. While the state of the home has changed dramatically, it did offer a wonderful setting for beautiful images. This was one of the last photos taken on this particular day.

Chrysops – Deer Fly

Chrysops - Deer Fly by Roberto_Aloi
Chrysops – Deer Fly, a photo by Roberto_Aloi on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Genus Chrysops – Also know as Deer flies. They belong in the family commonly referred to as horse flies. Females feed on blood and the males collect pollen. I had to get really close to this one and was hoping it would not pester me. Horse flies, like mosquitoes, are attracted to carbon dioxide that is released when we exhale. Needless to say I was holding my breath as best as possible when I photographed this one…