Lake Worth Pier 9-27-15

I remember waking up early Sunday morning. I had my usual mental struggle which doesn’t necessarily involve what I am going to eat or wear, but whether or not I should take photos. I am happy where I live, don’t get me wrong, but I am not usually very enthusiastic about taking pictures here in downtown Lake Worth. I am more comfortable in nature without the sound of horns, expletives, and police sirens.

The couple of hours prior to church doesn’t afford me the luxuery of taking photos. Sunday was an exception.

My brother called me on his way to the Lake Worth pier which is about 5 minutes from where I live. “Robby I am on my way to the pier – grab your camera”. The opportunity gave us time to catch up, laugh, and take some photos in between those moments.

Lake Worth Pier 9-27-15

I remember going to this very same place as a little boy. Fishing off the pier despite not having any clue what I was doing. I was more comfortable fishing at a lake or canal. It was more familiar.

This particular morning was busy and it was evident I was not going to be able to setup at the very end of the pier.
I am usually not a fan of having people in my landscape shots, but it really helps to give perspective here.

I find it fascinating how light dramatically changes a picture depending on your angle to the sun.

Here are two other photos from the pier.

View from the Lake Worth pier - Single Exposure - Not HDR

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Storms Rolling In

I hadn’t taken pictures in a while. Meek Micaela​ went to her cousin’s so I thought it was a good time to bring the boys out to take pictures. I needed a much needed mini-minecraft mental break.

I had originally set out for Arthur R Marshall and had some reservations due to the amount of ground we would have to cover. Long distances do not pair well with 9 and 11 year old legs. As we drove west the sky became dark and it was evident a really terrible storm was converging at my intended destination.

Storms Rolling in - Not an HDR

I arrived at Lantana and 441 and headed towards Southern Blvd so I could head much further west and hopefully beat the horrible weather.

Isaiah and Christian were easy to bargain with. All it took was a couple bottles of water and some chips to convince them that going further west was a good idea. I even picked up some spicy chicharrones. In fact I am still suffering some discomfort, but it was worth it.

This was one of the shots taken tonight because the boys were weirded out from the isolation. I left a little earlier than I had planned. We were in the middle of this vast space and you could see walls of rain and lighting approaching. I think it was the lack of video games that was the real motivation…

The night ended dining at the boys favorite place, Downtown pizza, and I get to relax and go through my photos. Perfect day!