The Monk Skipper who Stopped to Smell the Roses! True Story!

Monk Skipper (Asbolis capucinus)

Monk Skipper

Deanna has a garden outside that apparently is an insect rest stop of sorts. This little skipper not only stopped to smell the roses, but stayed on them beginning in the afternoon until mid morning the following day. This behavior is known as roosting and this typically occurs during inclement weather.

This particular skipper is common in south Florida. Whether at first glance you called this little guy a moth or a butterfly you would be partially correct ; they have characteristics of both insects.

If you notice my second photograph you more easily see the beautiful scales that make up the wing. In fact the group that encompasses moths and butterflies is lepidoptera which means scaly (lepido) winged (ptera).

Monk Skipper Closeup

The average lifespan is said to be about 7 days so it’s pretty fascinating that this insect chose her plant outside to spend a sizable chunk of it’s life.

I love these skippers because they are often very difficult to photograph. They typically spend a brief amount of time darting and skipping from each flower and can be especially skittish. I was very fortunate to find this one.

This skipper is called a monk skipper due to it’s coloration. Think of a capuchin monk!


Torenia – Summer Pansy

Torenia - Summer Pansy

My girlfriend has a garden in front of her home which is host to an array of beautiful flowers. It’s especially inviting for someone like myself who enjoys macro photography.

Meet Torenia – her latest addition. These tiny annuals are enjoying their new home. It’s closest neighbor is a red rose bush, a purple rose bush, and a fire bush.

I am looking forward to showcasing more soon.

Red Florida Tassel Weed

Red Florida Tassel Weed

These little weeds are plentiful around south Florida. I had my stacked extension tubes on and this is at 2:1 macro. I really enjoy weeds and photographing things we often overlook as beautiful and trying to protray them as such. You will commonly find Julia butterflies sipping nectar from these particular plants.


The Rain’s Not Going to Stop Me! Tootsie will…

I was determined to take some photographs today despite the heavy rain in the morning. My ideal setting isn’t inside with flowers in a vase and my softbox; but it’s the best I could do.

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Bumblebee Closeup

Bumblebee Closeup 2, originally uploaded by madcalabrian.

I have finally taken a bumblebee photo that I am satisfied with. My goal was to photograph them at 1:1 macro level and because of their frequent stops between flowers it has been difficult. It took me over a month of weekly photography trips to get this shot. It’s one of my favorites because of the effort that was put forth.