Trophy Prize

Trophy Prize, originally uploaded by Roberto_Aloi.

Another jumping spider, but this creepy little guy was running around with some kind of tiny insect that it caught. Jumping spiders hunt their prey similar to a cat. When shooting macro I try and find colorful plants and will typically find jumpers in close proximity waiting for a meal. They have 8 eyes and very good vision. The large eyes are adapted for dim light. They also have eyes that permit three-dimensional vision for purposes of estimating the range, direction, and nature of potential prey, permitting the spider to direct its attacking leaps with great precision.

On many occasions these spiders will jump into my camera lens to try and scare me off. Never works…

Also this particular spider kept running away from me as if I was going to take it’s meal. I have seen them with prey at other times, but they usually abandon it. Must have been a hell of a meal.

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