“The Neighborhood Floozy”

Meet Persia! Micaela and I have officially adopted her as our outdoor cat. Who could blame us? She greets us daily. She acts like she loves us. More on that later. She patiently waits on top of the recyling bin or just outside the neighbors stairs directly across from the front door.

Recently my neighbor Steve remarked that she is exhausting his tuna supply. Tuna?! I thought we were the only ones generous enough to feed her Tuna?! I thought Persia’s love and affection was only aimed at us? Albacore at that! Not the grayish typical smelly tuna that the likes of Subway serves. The expensive white, flakey, meaty tuna!

A couple weeks ago she was “allowing” us to pet her. She had just been fed and was strolling back and forth rubbing her head on as she passed. It looked like cat nirvana had been reached. It was evident the fondness towards her was being reciprocated.

"The Neighborhood Floozy"

Here is where it gets interesting… Minutes later when the neighbor who lives across the street parked on the curb Persia abruptly left without the slightest hint of a goodbye. It was so painfully obvious like bringing your child to school that has reached that age where it’s no longer cool to acknowledge your parents. “PSSSST, can you drop me off at the street before school”. THAT bad!

Picture this… Persia is walking by, tail up, life is gravy, car parks, and she just keeps on walking! Right up to this neighbor! What the heck does the neighbor have that we lack? Is our love not well endowed enough? YOU WERE JUST FED! Micaela and I felt so understandably inadequate at that moment.

Does Persia really like us? It’s painfully obvious if she treats the 2 neighbors closest to me with such reverence there are bound to be others! Have we been duped? Using her looks to take advantage of giving individuals?

Oh poor pretty kitty!!! Quick go grab the Tuna! Little do we realize she has conned countless others of their hard earned tuna fish and miscellaneous sundries.

Persia…we love you… even though you toy with our hearts.
Signed, Your Loving Parents – Roberto & Micaela

Introducing some old friends

Introducing some old friends

Pictured from Left to Right
Asahi – 28MM Super Takumar – 1965
Asahi – 150mm Super Takumar – 1965
Nikon FG – Film Camera – 1982 (the baby here)

Introducing Some Old Friends

Ever wonder why the photos from modern digital cameras have such a different feel? I am not talking about the horrible camera in your cell phone, but a professional DSLR vs an SLR like my Nikon FG pictured in this photograph?

The latest lenses have advancements that, in my opinion, give a more clinical feel to photography. I desire distortion and grittiness at times. I want there to be uncontrollable lens flare when looking towards the sun. Many characteristics that are tamed with advanced optics are brought back to life when using older equipment.

My solution? When I want to take a more retro approach I use my Asahi Super-Takumar 28mm lens which is to the camera right. The first iteration was introduced in 1962. Mine is the latest version which was manufactured in 1965.

Just to provide a bit of perspective the number one song that year was “Wooly Bully”! The Hully Gully dance has gone extinct, but the Asahi’s are alive, well, and being traded in an online auction as you read this.

The other lens to camera right is an Asahi 150MM super takumar when I want a little more reach.

Do you know what I really love about both lenses? They are fully manual in operation. If you like to just put the camera in auto and let it make every decision for you these are not the lenses you want to purchase; you don’t do this… right?

You want to change the aperture setting from the camera? Surely you jest! Oh those numbers will show different values as the lens bellows gregarious laughter! Embarrassed you finally realize you control the aperture from the lens itself…

If you like to take complete control of your photography (manual mode people) and you are not caught up in the “ONLY CANON/NIKON” glass is the best then do yourself a favor and pick up one of these lenses with an adapter.

The focus ring is absolutely smooth and they are built like tanks.

I’ll post later about my love affair with my film Nikon FG featured in the picture.

Lastly – stop worrying about purchasing the latest equipment. Learn how to exploit every last ounce of technology from your SLR both film and digital.

If you are fortunate enough to be selling vast quantities of these lenses and prices have surged as a result of this rant – you are welcome!