Lake Worth Pier Sunrise

Arrived at the Lake Worth pier and took photos intially in total darkness.  The sun was about to make an appearance and snapped this off.


Boynton Inlet Lightning

Boynton Inlet Lightning, originally uploaded by Roberto_Aloi.

I noticed some intense lightning when I was coming home from class tonight. I live a distance from the university, but thankfully in the direction of the storm & my camera. I ended up driving further south to follow the storm in an effort to get parallel. It was unfortunately very far off the coast by the time I arrived at the beach.

Not what I had hoped for, but it’s something.

Riverbend BW Landscape

Riverbend BW Landscape, originally uploaded by madcalabrian.

Went to Riverbend with my sister Luisa and good friend Jim. We spent 6 hours walking. The change of weather made for an amazing experience. This is one of my favorite views in the park and I thought a black & white would be best to showcase all of the detail.

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Palm Beach Sunset 11.27.10

Palm Beach Sunset 11.27.10, originally uploaded by madcalabrian.

I was just trying to shoot anything at this point. The photos prior to this one had a girl who kept running back and forth stopping briefly to take pictures of herself. It was quite strange. This shot was after waiting for multiple people to finally get out of the frame and I think I was lucky to get one without people because their were quite a bit on the beach despite the nasty clouds.

On a whim I asked my girlfriend to take a drive to the beach and the sun was already setting and I noticed this behemoth cloud and wanted to photograph part of it.

Disciples of Light

Disciples of Light, originally uploaded by madcalabrian.

One of my favorite places to photograph is in western palm beach county in close proximity to Belle Glade. It’s like being in a far away place when you consider the terrain where I live. Thankfully it’s only approximately 30 miles from where I live.

Urban sprawl, pedestrians, and sounds of automobiles are replaced by vast open expanses, wildlife, and the occasional hum of a tractor in the distance.

My girlfriend was interested in taking the drive with me on this particular evening and it was a race to beat the sun as it was setting.

The cane fields that surrounded my vehicle were at least 6 feet high at the time and my goal was to find an area that would allow a landscape picture showcasing a field.

After miles of driving we cam upon a gate that was open and a narrow path alongside a field. After several minutes of driving I was happy to find a clearing that allowed me to take this shot.

I thought the title was most fitting.

Key Biscayne, Florida


Key Biscayne, Florida, originally uploaded by madcalabrian.

The small structures in the background are part of Stiltsville. Stiltsville is located between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. There were 20 homes here prior to Hurricane Andrew in 1993. The homes were built or imagined during the time of prohibition. The law permitted gambling establishments to be located a mile offshore. Stiltsville is located just a mile offshore.

This was shot from the Cape Florida National Park. When you arrive you receive a pamphlet that reads –

“When Ponce de Leon led the first Spanish expedition in 1513 to the land he called Florida, he visited this area and named it the “Cape of Florida”. It was an area of ferocious storms and uncharted waters. Hidden sandbars and submerged reefs, were a hazard to early sailors, causing hundreds of shipwrecks along the Straits of Florida. For this reason, one of the federal governments’s first actions when Florida became a U.S. Territory in 1821, was to plan for the extension of a network of lighthouses along the east coast of Florida.”