Ms. Serious

Mrs. Serious

Mrs. Serious – Last night Deanna and I were talking about the dogs and their personalities.

1. Marley is the spoiled 2 year old boy who screams a lot and gets frustrated when the world can’t get past his bastardized use of the English language. Think the infamous Roman Maroni from Johnny Dangerously.

2. Mia is super sweet. I remember my Pokey Little Puppy book from when I was 5 and the dog depicted on the cover. It’s official folks. Deanna rescued the same dog. Pink snout, white body, brown patches, etc.

3. Kayla is Mrs. Serious. The dog who doesnt want to be a dog. If Kayla has a religious preference she is a believer in reincarnation and draws from her past life with her then human companions. She wants nothing to do with dogs. You’ve seen the videos as Marley throws his usual fits she just sits patiently, embarrassed, starring off into the distance contemplating “Who invited this animal?” The Margaret Thatcher of dogs

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