Loxahatchee Ambush Bug

Loxahatchee Ambush Bug by Roberto_Aloi
Loxahatchee Ambush Bug, a photo by Roberto_Aloi on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Ambush bugs hide on flowers or plants from which they ambush their prey. When prey approaches closely enough, the ambush bug grasps it with its front legs. The upper section (tibia) of each foreleg has teethlike structures that mesh into similar structures on the lower, greatly thickened leg section (femur). Holding its victim in these pincers, the ambush bug inserts its short beak and sucks out the body fluids.

Went to Arthur R Marshall wildlife refuge to shoot macro with James Marshall early this morning. Spotting small insects that are highly camouflaged is a challenge in of itself. Having a second pair of eyes to scan every available inch of a plant helps tremendously.

I commonly spot ambush bugs underneath the spanish needle wildflower that are common here in south Florida. If you are ever around a large amount of them slowly bend the flower over and look for anything abnormal. The ambush bug has similar colors and as you can see from the scale of the insect next to this already tiny wildflower it’s a very small…

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