Bachus’s Inspiration – Highwaymen Landscape

This photograph was taken on 10/15/11 at Riverbend Park in Jupiter. I cannot help to think it was Florida scenery like this that inspired Bachus himself.

One of the original Florida Highwayman, Alfred Hair, was introduced to a prominent white artist named A. E. “Bean” Backus in the mid 1950s. Under the direction of Mr. Backus, Alfred was encouraged to paint landscapes and realized that he could make a living doing it. Alfred encouraged several of his friends to begin painting as well, and soon the Florida Highwaymen became a sort of social group.

The Florida Highwaymen used vivid and bright colors in their paintings to display the beautiful untouched Florida landscape. They painted wind-bent palm trees, serene sunsets, churning oceans and bright red Poinciana trees. These paintings looked great on the walls of businesses and homes.

In the early 1950s through the 1980s a group of twenty-six African-American artists painted beautiful landscapes that displayed the serene, undeveloped Florida landscape of their time. Today these artists are known as the “Florida Highwaymen” and because of the tranquil scenes and history involved, their original paintings are highly demanded by collectors and enthusiasts.

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