This is for the pain and misery…

This is best viewed large. The last few times I went to loxahatchee I made the mistake of not using some kind of repellent. Not because I enjoy dozens of mosquitoes simultaneously biting me to the cadence of cicadas. No… Wrong… Not even those horse flies that seem to appear out of nowhere and insist on biting and chasing no matter how far you seem to run.

Something about using deet doesn’t sit well. I mean if I am feeling a little squirrelly and wanted to absorb a little pesticide (think DDT) I would just enjoy some unwashed fruit from some of the local shady fruit stands.

Or maybe I would be better off contracting malaria?

Notice the proboscis on this unfortunate beast. Apparently it holds two tubes. One that injects a saliva containing anti-coagulant/pain killer, and a second that is used to draw the blood.

I am not sure if the tiny point just peeking out towards the top are one of the two.

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