A-TTEN-TION!, originally uploaded by madcalabrian.

Approximate size – I would say half an inch in length. Is it still an inchworm? (g)

This is the result of touching an inchworm. Not sure if this is some type of defensive posture or not.

There were numerous inchworms on the boardwalk at loxahatchee, This one was especially small and this is at a 2:1 magnification using a 90mm macro lens with full ext tube set.

Scary little creature at this magnification. Thankfully the toy I road on as a child didn’t look very accurate…

Inchworms are the caterpillars of geometer moths. A very large family, it has around 35,000 species of moths described, and over 1,400 species from 6 subclasses indigenous to North America).

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