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About Roberto Aloi

Photographer and music composer living in South Florida, USA. My interest in photography was initially spurred by my love of nature and the pleasure I received photographing South Florida's wetland areas. Years later what began as a hobby has become a healthy obsession. How else would you describe someone who gets up at 5:00am and races to a destination in an effort to exploit the sun when it finally makes an appearance? I haven't found a source of light that matches the beauty it helps to generate; not my flash units or my studio strobes. I enjoy capturing a variety of subjects and use both digital and film SLR cameras depending on the result I desire. Please visits my website at to view more photos

After 20 years I finally realized the proof I needed was all around me…

Please view my testimony at



Taking out the trash during my photograph

This spider was in the middle of discarding whatever it’s last meal was when I approached it.

I believe God is in the Details

More Plumbago

Tiny Black and White Flowers

Metallic Weevil, Eurhinus magnificus, from Florida

This Central American Metallic Weevil originates in Costa Rica, Panama and Southern Mexico, but was introduced to Florida.


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